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Managing Safety in a Complex Globalized Market
Issue Management Council Conference
June 25, 2008

PAHO Outbreak Alert: Brazil

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Geneva, Switzerland
June 8–10, 2005

Food Safety Independent Testing in the South Caucasus (Armenia)
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Tracabilite Et Rappel Des Aliments Dans L'union Europeenne. (Belgium)
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Ligue pour la défense du consommateur au Bénin (Benin)
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Construire Sur Nos Forces : Organismes Du Consommateur Aujourd'hui (Brazil)
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Directives de Sécurité pour l'Alimentation Collective (Établissements Scolaires, Casernes, marchés, trottoirs etc...) (Cameroon)
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Review of section 7 in the Guidelines Draft with a reference to general comments on the whole guidelines (China)
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Profile: Federation of Consumer Organisations – Tamilnadu & Pondicherry (FEDCOT) (India)
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The New Zealand Food Safety Authority
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SIRVETA and National FBD Surveillance in Peru
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Food Laws and Food Control Management Structures – the Polish Perspective
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Having Pleasure on the Plate but Safety in the Mind (Uganda)
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Cua: Consumidores y Usuarios Asociados (Uruguay)
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Foodborne Disease Surveillance in the U.S.: FoodNet, PulseNet, and Outbreak Alert! (USA)
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Food Monitoring Lab Requirements & System Implications (USA)
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Food Safety: A Challenge for the Food Science and Technology Community (WHO)
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