Safe Food International

North America
Canada, Mexico, United States of America

Although the North American Region is considered to have one of the most advanced food safety programs, the region faces significant challenges and the incidence of foodborne illness in the region is still quite high.

Challenging factors include: new technologies; more sophisticated distribution systems; increased concentration in production and manufacturing systems; the rise of monoculture in crop and livestock production; and increased demand and access to imported foods. Emerging strains of common foodborne pathogens and the increased susceptibility of certain segments of the population to foodborne infections pose additional challenges.

Improving food safety in the North American Region will require its three countries to establish greater links, in part, through an integrated surveillance program.

Consumer organizations in the Region

Consumer organizations in the North American Region work on food labelling, reducing foodborne illness, obesity, alcohol policy, and antibiotic resistance.

Several consumer organizations are relatively large and well-funded. Government funding of consumer organizations is less common than in other regions, though some organizations have obtained specific project grants from the government. Smaller groups are funded by foundations.

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